Facilities Operations provides campus support with maintaining and operating building heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, electrical and plumbing systems, building interiors, building exteriors, utility distribution systems, sidewalks, steps and parking lots. This section provides coordination and support for campus special events and setups, provides support for moving equipment and furniture, and administration and maintenance of the campus Best Company Master lock system. 

Facilities Operations also provides energy management for campus utilities needs.  Through the addition of the geothermal project in effect since June 2014, campus has beeen cooled and heated through the addition of over 600 geothermal wells.  There is one cooling water loop throughout campus and three heating water loops from each of the three geothermal plants.  There is also an additional geothermal plant that heats and cools the Student Recreational Center and the Gale Bullman Multipurpose Building.  Electrical power is purchased from Rolla Municipal Utilities (RMU) and distributed from the substation to major campus buildings and some outlying locations.

Physical Facilities renders the following institutional services:

  • Custodial Services for all the campus buildings
  • Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping Services to University property
  • Maintenance Services to all University structures and utility distribution systems
  • Energy Management for the University


Energy created through the Geothermal System provides heating and chilled water to be distributed throughout campus.  Chilled water is provided to major campus buildings for reliable space cooling through a two pipe chilled water loop which is serviced by a system of centrifugal chillers operated by Facilities Operations. For energy conservation purposes, the number of chillers operated varies with the air conditioning load of the campus. Plate heat exchanges, installed in parallel with some chillers, satisfy a large portion of the winter air conditioning load in an energy efficient manner. Water is distributed to campus facilities by a number of interconnections with RMU main lines through a campus distribution system.

Sanitary sewer connections are likewise maintained with the City of Rolla main sewer lines. Soft water is provided for hot water and other uses through water softeners located in the Power Plant and distributed to major campus buildings.


Your good judgment normally decides what is urgent and what is routine. Defective light bulbs, cracked windows, or dripping faucets are normally routine. Submit your work request electronically here or notify Physical Facilities at extension 4252 (voice mail available for after hours) and the routine request will be fixed as soon as possible.

Electricity failures, broken pipes, or damaging water entry are urgent. Call 341-4252 immediately. Remember to dial 341-4300 after hours and on weekends and holidays.

Additional Information

  • University Center Operations/Residential Life: for work order requests or inquiries concerning Havener Center and Residential Life facilities, contact
  • Table and Chair Rentals: complete and submit the Chair/Table Rental Form
  • Tent Rental: complete and submit the ‌Tent Rental Form
  • Mobile Stage, Stage Skirts, Podium, PA System, Black Pipe and Drape Rentals: complete  and submit the ‌Stage Rental Form
  • Multi-Purpose Building: for requests to use the Multi-Purpose Building, contact the Athletic Department, Ext. 4175
  • Classroom Reservations: for classroom reservations between 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM, call Ext. 4224; for classroom reservations after 5:30 PM and when classes are not in session, call Ext. 4399
  • Havener Center Meeting Room Reservations: call Ext. 4399 or visit